Disney's Inside Out Themed Dinner at Mesa

"Anger" pictured above

“Inside Out” inspired Tasting Menu

These music paired dinners are the last Wednesday of every month - The Inside Out Menu will be available on Wednesday, April 27th. Tickets available at bit.ly/mesainsideout2016

Course 1:
(I was going for things that disgusted us as a kid, also playing of the green theme)
Sushi grade salmon, apple vinaigrette
Spinach puree, pea tendril and watermelon radish salad

Course 2:
(wanted to do a monochromatic red dish, beet red in fact, plating will be dramatic)
Beet red roasted beets, beet puree, burrata whip, compressed strawberries, bulls blood, blood orange

Course 3:
Bing Bong
(playful and imaginative just like Bing Bong, with an added element of fun for guests)
Braised pork belly cotton candy pops with candied kumquat powder

Course 4:
(Played off something I think people are afraid of eating, as well as being illegal not too long ago)
Hudson Valley Foie Gras two ways, seared & torchon,
Roasted blackberries, brioche, black pepper honey gastrique

Course 5:
(the dish my parents would make me for my birthday dinner as a kid, a bit more elevated and done my way, but something that brought me so much joy as a child)
Butter poached halibut, grilled heirloom tomatoes,
Mom’s twice baked potatoes

Course 6:
(Sadness, obviously sad that our dinner has come to an end, yet without sadness we don’t know how to appreciate joy, just like dessert you must end your meal with sweetness to balance out all the savory… also the obvious blue color connection)
Blueberry cobbler, blueberry puree, blueberry sugar,
Preserved lemon, Angels Envy Bourbon vanilla bean gelato


Future Music/Food Pairing Dinners at Mesa

Each dinner is held the last Wednesday of each month:

Tickets available at mesacostamesa.com :

April - Inside Out
May - David Bowie
June - Festival Season Chefs Table (inspired by festivals and artist performing at festivals)
July - Sublime
August - WuTang
September - Bob Marley
October - The Misfits
November - Guest Chef (TBA)
December - By month because of the holiday parties