Adele Inspired Tasting Menu at Mesa, January 2017

“Adele” inspired Tasting Menu

These music-inspired Chef's Table dinners currently take place at Mesa every Tuesday,
with a unique theme each month of 2017

The Adele Menu will be available starting on January 3, 2017.
Tickets available at

First course of Chef Niki's Adele-inspired tasting menu,  Hello,  featuring hamachi and tangerine

First course of Chef Niki's Adele-inspired tasting menu, Hello, featuring hamachi and tangerine

I chose Adele for January because... I believe Adele to be one of the best female artists of our time, she has an absolute timeless voice and the album 21 has gotten me through some very emotional times. You better bet I've belted 'Turning Tables' out alone in my car more than once. - Chef Niki Starr

Adele Chef's Table


Hamachi, avocado, tomatillo, tortilla, tangerine, tequila, micro cilantro.
Hamachi sliced thin, avocado and tomatillo puree, tortilla strips, tangerine segments, tangerine tequila fluid gel, micro cilantro

"This course is an introduction to my style and me as a chef. Also, this course will excite the taste buds and get the guests ready
for what is to come." - Chef Niki Starr



Duck confit, parsnip, orange, champagne, frisee.
duck confit leg, parsnip puree, orange champagne gelee, frisee salad tossed with sherry shallot vinaigrette


Duo of Beef: NY loin, green peppercorn, potato, bone marrow, raisin, red onion, parsley, baguette.
Grilled New York loin with a green peppercorn sauce sitting atop pomme puree, roasted bone marrow with a raisin and red onion marmalade and fresh parsley served with grilled bread

"This dish displays two separate dishes that will come together as one.
The table can be turned and the guest will see one dish and in the opposite way another…
The dish will be served on a round plate and the guests will be encouraged to view the dish from both sides." - Chef Niki Starr


Coconut, lime, cucumber sorbet, green chartreuse, shortbread, meringue, mint.
Coconut cucumber lime house made sorbet atop shortbread crumble with a crispy meringue on top, the green chartreuse is poured table-side and set fire with a blow torch also table side

Chef Niki's presents the first course of her Adele-inspired tasting menu

Chef Niki's presents the first course of her Adele-inspired tasting menu


Future Music-Food Pairing Dinners at Mesa

Each dinner is held on all Tuesdays of each month. A new theme will be implemented on the first Tuesday of every month. First Reservation available is 5PM, last available at 9PM.

Reservations available at

February: Marvin Gaye, Valentine's Day
March: Biggie Smalls, Notorious BIG
April: Frank Sinatra
May: The Talking Heads