100 Free Pizzas and Celebrating National Pi Day at the new Jinny's Pizzeria at 4th Street Market

Jinny’s Pizzeria, is offering free cheese slices to its first 100 guests to celebrate their grand opening at the 4th Street Market in Santa Ana on March 1.

Featuring seasonal pizzas with an artisan edge, Jinny’s is utilizing top-quality ingredients to recreate the classic New York slice of pizza, like Italian-style mozzarella, real Parmesan cheese on all pizzas, and Italian doppio zero flour. Italian meatballs are handmade from in-house ground chuck and brisket, and Jinny’s also makes in-house ground fennel sausage. To add that California flair, Jinny’s will be using seasonal ingredients to continually change up the menu throughout the year.

This pizzeria’s philosophy is to “leave no crust behind” – and they have perfected the doughy, chewy crust that ensures that crust won’t be left behind on the plate. Jinny’s signature pizza dough takes several days to prepare in a multi-step process. The pizzeria’s lead baker came from a pastry and bread-baking background, incorporating artisan bread-baking techniques to take the crust to another level.

Additionally, Jinny’s plans to celebrate “Pi Day”, March 14, by offering slices for $3.14 all day.