The Kroft, Nominated Best Sandwich in OC, Launching Thanksgiving Sandwich for National Sandwich Day - November 3, 2015

National Sandwich Day in Full Force in the OC

At the end of the day all we really want are more sandwich options … and pet friendly patios. We thank, John Montagu, an 18th century English noble for being the first sandwich artist of our history. To commemorate his birth, November 3rd is now National Sandwich Day. It’s not like you really needed an excuse to eat another sandwich, but here is a list of some great places to honor nobleman Montagu and our incessant addiction to handheld meals. 

The Kroft: The Leftover Sandwich


The Kroft, is nominated for Best Sandwich of 2015 and their dedication to fresh and local is truly a change of pace from the fast casual sandwich concepts we have all grown up knowing so well. Order The Leftover Sandwich to celebrate National Sandwich Day in all its glory. This sandwich is made with house made bread dressing, garlic mayo, house roasted turkey, cranberry sauce and house made turkey thyme gravy on ciabatta from Bread Artisan and will be launching on National Sandwich Day, November 3, 2015.  Lines have been known to reach up to 2 hours for these sandwiches, so make sure to get there early!

Stockyard Sandwich Co: Pig and Gouda


Santa Ana’s Phil Burden, brings meaty cheese goodness to the masses with gnarly sandwiches at 4th Street Market. Taste the modern twist with top notch ingredients and an appreciation for texture and flavor in a world of sandwich lovers. Although the short-rib tater tots are a must try, we also encourage you to save room for their amazing sandwich creations - including the Pig and Gouda Sandwich launching on National Sandwich Day.  

Shuck Oyster Bar: The Grilled Cheese

The most talked about grilled cheese in Orange County is coming from this small little shop in The OC Mix in Costa Mesa.  Many famous grilled cheeses around the world come from oyster bars, who knew?! The ooey gooey Grilled Cheese will remind you that you don't have to be kid to enjoy a sandwich of this calibur.

Photo Credit: Foodbeast

Photo Credit: Foodbeast


We are taking advantage of the fact that we live in southern California where the weather is always warm and, therefore, always appropriate to eat an ice cream sandwich. Chunk-N-Chip is a family owned business that creates smiles & seasonal Craft Ice Cream Sammiches. The Elvis is the 'King' of sammiches and pays tribute to taste buds with peanut butter cookies, banana fosters ice cream topped with spicy, candied bacon. This sandwich will have you shakin your hips' while you lick your lips.  

The Iron Press: The Count of Monte Cristo

Waffeliers and beer aficionados alike rejoiced when Founder Leonard Chan brought The Iron Press to Orange County, serving mind blowing sweet and savory waffle sandwiches and specialty local and imported beers. The Iron Press brings out of the box creations and a playful menu to the table. Try the Count of Monte Cristo, made with your choice of ham or turkey, Gruyere and strawberry jam on a batter fried waffle. Make it over the top and turn it into a Countess by adding a pan fried egg to this beast.

Other sandwiches not to miss in the OC....

Sessions West Coast Deli: Summer Zephyr

Medocino Farms: Steak B.L.T.

Dory Deli: The Lifeguard Club

East Borough: Pork Belly Banhi Mi