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FOODBEAST's primary goal is to connect the general public with the newsworthy, drool-worthy food that continues to receive high volumes of attention.


This will be our 3rd year of OOZEFEST, our premiere cheese festival in Southern California, and it all be more mouthwatering than ever. We will be bringing together some of the best food geniuses around to have them create newsworthy gnashes. These exclusive items will be seen by the nation and tasted by the individuals who are looking to grab a real taste of the food that makes you say "WOW". 


The event will be a one day festival that will take place outdoors in Santa Ana, Ca. The event will have two separate sessions which will be 3:00pm - 6:30pm and 7:30p - 11:00pm on Saturday October 14th, 2017. Tentatively, We will also be hosting a special media preview crawl with a selected handful of vendors.

*Please note that a third session is a possibility as the demand grows.




*If you are a NON food vendor looking to give away or looking to sell your product - Please contact Skyler Bellanger at events@foodbeast.com for further information.

This event is an All You Can Consume experience for all of the guests in attendance.

($250) Food Vendors will receive Guaranteed Social Coverage and Editorial for the exchange of an exclusive item and donation of product to the guests in attendance:

  • Your are responsible for:
    • Know all food is a donation to the event in trade for promotion. Value of food is tax deductible as long as a zero balance invoice is provided to our team.
    • Serve a quarter sized (3 - 4 oz) portion items.
    • Proposed food items must contain a cheese product as well as have a noteworthy, notable quality, and be suitable for editorial coverage as determined by FOODBEAST editorial staff. (100eats/FOODBEAST will happily give feedback on potential ideas)
    • Proposed food items must be exclusive to this FOODBEAST event.
    • Bring your own equipment, plates and cutlery, and staff to execute the product day of event.
    • Bring your craziest and most outrageous dish because your food will have the chance to win an OOZEFEST award. The awards consist of Most Viral & Best in Show.
    • Bring all you need to deck out your booth space for everyone to see.
    • Have enough portions prepared for 1000 people (450 each session + Media portions) Prepare at your own risk and avoid running out.
    • Vendor Commitment signed digitally and fully paid booth by August 31st


  • Listing food and beverage vendors on FOODBEAST.com Event landing Page (approx. reach: 1 million, approx. value: $5,000)
  • Pre-Event Roundup Post of every vendor that has submitted a photo and registered with link to applicable website/social media (please make note which social network/link is most preferred)
  • Pre-Event Social (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram) on all editorially approved meat-centric items (approx. reach 1 million, approx. value: $2500)
  • Pre-Event Individual Editorial Posts surrounding specific items and vendors (assuming vendors meet photo/newsworthy criteria)
  • Non-Guaranteed syndication to our partners (previously recorded reach 8.5 million, previously recorded value: $40,000)
  • Top Items and vendors mentioned in local press outreach.
  • Select FOODBEAST favorites will also be chosen for FOODBEAST video production to launch on Facebook and Instagram.
  • FOODBEAST will be supplying each vendor with (1) Booth Space, (1) Table with Linen, and (1) 1800 Watt Electrical Outlet. (Ice, ez up,  chairs available UPON REQUEST FOR RENTAL
    • Food trucks will have to be self sustaining (electrically).
    • Food trucks will not be able to sell beverages. All beverages will go through our on site bars.
  • Additional Table with Linen, Electrical, and Promotion available at an additional cost.

If you wish to participate in this event, please fill out the Vendor Application form below for our team to review your proposed item. Last day to apply is 8/31/2017

Upon reviewing your application, our team will get back to you as soon as possible with an approval letter and a commitment form for participation and further information.

Vendor Representative *
Vendor Representative
*If you have any further questions regarding this or any of our other events, would like to learn how to receive additional guaranteed promotion from Foodbeast, or would like to be a sponsor of this or future events, please don't hesitate to reach out to Skyler Bellanger at events@foodbeast.com.