Sugar Rush 2015

Have you ever wondered what would happen if some of the biggest sugar enthusiasts were all together under one roof? The 5th and 6th of December 2015, inside of a old air hangar building at the OC Fairgrounds, they put together a selection of sweets for the ages. It was all smiles walking through endless rows of bright colored candy, beautiful hand designed cookies, and the tantalizing smell of sugar in the air.

As hard as it was, I somehow narrowed down my Fab Five of Sugar Rush.

5. Push Cakes - Typically, it is a hot summer day when you decide to whip a push pop out of the freezer to cool you down. This kind of pop takes new form when you get to push up layers of cake and frosting. A fascinating twist on a traditional dessert make you think, "Why didn't i think of this?"  Salted Caramel Pushcake - vanilla cake with layers of salted caramel buttercream is an automatic win.

4. Sugar Spin - Cotton candy, everyone's childhood favorite, but for some reason the limits of what you can do with cotton candy are rarely explored. Not for Sugar Spin. They have found ways to flavor mash this classic treat into a explosive flavor combos, where cotton candy becomes the vehicle. Salted choco potato chip, cookies 'n' cream, and spiced latin mango are just a few of the fun flavors.

3. Stuffed Cookies - Cookies have stuffed with new life!  Stuffed cookies takes some of your favorite flavors and bakes them to perfection. Imagine being a kid in elementary school and sitting at the lunch table with all of your friends. You all put one item from each lunchbox in the middle of the table and then you bake a batch of cookies with those ingredients.  Stuffed Cookies finds a way to play food roulette and make them taste unbelievably delicious. It's definitely what is on the inside that counts.

2. Palomas Paletes -  "Hand crafted Ice Pops" is the only real thing you need to hear to get your mouth to start watering. Its once you get a glace at their remarkable ingredients that will have you wanting to try them all. The Blood Orange Buttermilk and Chewy Gingerbread did it for me.

1.  Drunken Cake Pops - This had my attention at drunken. Once you find a way to infuse two of my favorite things, cake and liquor, its a win win. I couldn't choose just one so I chose three to take home. Drunken Monkey - a banana nut cake infused with brandy, Red Wine Velvet - a red velvet cake infused with red wine, and Southern Gentleman - dark chocolate cake infused with whiskey, brandy, southern comfort, and hennessy.