OC Japan Fair

This last weekend, 9/9 and 9/10, Orange County got their spin of a traditional Natsumatsuri, or Japanese summer festival. With 20+ food vendors, a blend of games and awesome community integration, the Japan Fair 2016 was a hit! 

The biggest take away from the OC Japan fair was all of the traditional Japanese food being cooked! Not only did it give all the attendees an awesome take-home experience, but the authenticity really show cased what it would be like if you were walking through a Natsumatsuri in Tokyo, Japan! 

Here are 5 vendors you'll want to check out the next time the Japan Fair heads your way: 

  1. Takoyaki from Tanota: Takoyaki are delicious balls of batter filled with tako, or octopus. Each batch of Takoyaki are cooked freshly in front of you and was an obvious hit at the fair. If you really want to mix things up, TaNoTa offers their Takoyaki in multiple flavors, like mentaiko (in the photo gallery below) which is spicy cod eggs, or sesame seed.
  2. Watermelon juice from Squidi: presentation is KEY and Squidi takes the cake on this one! They make fresh watermelon, pineapple, and mixed berry slushes and pour them in these totally unique light bulbs decorated with a mini light. Once the sun set and you noticed how many little light bulbs were lighting up around you, these bad boys became irresistible! 
  3. Okonomiyaki from Gaja: Gaja refers to okonomiyaki as Japanese pancakes, but boy are they more than that! Sure they're circular, made of batter, and cooked the same... But these are loaded up with cabbage and onions, and are made up of yam, flour, and water! To spice it up a bit, Gaja offers their classic vegetable okonomiyaki topped with cheese & spam (pictured below), loaded up with corn, or with a generous coating of curry on them.
  4. Yakisoba hot dog from Kobe Wagyu Freaks: Yakisoba is one of the many staple pieces of a traditional Natsumatsuri in Japan! Now, make a hot dog out of it and you've got one of the coolest things you'll eat all night! Yakisoba is traditionally cooked with stir fry noodles, spices, and cabbage, and Kobe Wagyu Freaks of course had to add a generous helpings of delicious grounded Kobe beef to top off the dog!   
  5. Fresh crepe from Fujiyama: After trying so many different savory dishes, it was time for dessert. The fresh crepes from Fujiyama are where it's at! The crepes are freshly made in front of you, and are stuffed with fresh strawberries, bananas, or both! As if it couldn't get any better, the crepe was topped off with a nice drizzle of chocolate. Made fresh to order, this is where you'll want to satisfy your sweet tooth!