Lemonade: Irvine's New Treat

Lemonade Photos by Vanessa Stump.

I recently had the distinct pleasure of enjoying Lemonade's new location in Irvine. Although they have over 15 locations across Orange County, LA County, and even a location in San Diego, I had never been to one. Let me tell you, it truly was a treat. It had a contemporary style on the interior and a comfortable and beautiful decor on the exterior. Located on the corner of Jamboree and Michelson, with ample parking, it's nestled in a beautiful part of town, with comfortable seating, this location has all the elements to thrive.

Now to the culinary experience! It was set up cafeteria style, with the fresh bar as the first stop, the hearty bar next, and desserts and drinks last. You grab a tray, and tell the helpful and friendly servers how many and which portions you'd like. The food style is California fresh, with a blend of many different cultures, from Greek to Mexican to Indian, overall providing a pleasurable melting pot of flavors. While being delicious, it is also very healthy. With key health foods like kale, garbanzo beans, couscous, and other vegetables, it provided a tasty and hearty meal experience. The desserts are sweet and creamy, from the cookies to the cakes and cupcakes.

And, not to be forgotten - the lemonade -  this is not your standard side of the road blend. I had the strawberry lemonade, and it tasted like farm fresh strawberries blended with juicy lemons, a pure and organic taste. Since it was not sticky sweet, I doubt there was any sugar added, and it really didn't need it. The natural sweetness from the strawberries and citrus taste of the lemons was so satisfying and refreshing.The most amazing thing about my experience was how filling the food was, even for its portion size. To top it all off, it was extremely affordable.

This is a great alternative to fast food, not only is it healthy and delicious, it is comparable in price, and with all of their locations, you can find one conveniently near you. This is certainly an exciting addition to the Irvine area and for all local foodies and health-conscious food lovers alike.