Cali Uncorked 2015

Cali-Uncorked knocked it out of the park. Not only was it a successful first year event, but it made a statement that will have many of us marking our calendars early on for the next one.

Here are the 5 things we loved at Cali-Uncorked.




It’s rare for all of these people to be found at one event, not including concert goers and stand-up comedy fanatics too. This was a true example of a ‘something for everyone’ event. Cali-Uncorked made it possible for a beer drinker to expand their wine knowledge, and for a wine lover to become educated in hop variants and more. All this, whilst everyone was happily stuffing their faces with eccentric bites like Piaggio on Wheels pulled pork chimichurri fries, they were absolutely de-lic-ious.




Despite the high volume of tickets sold, Cali-Uncorked didn’t feel overcrowded or dominated by long lines in any way. With an impressive lineup of vendors, it wouldn’t have come as much of a surprise to have to spend a good chunk of your day waiting your turn for samples. Instead, you found yourself fighting to finish your drink before you were in the front of the next line. More beer without having to wait? Try to stop me.



Not only was a complimentary glass and tote bag supplied to guests upon entry, but they were also given the opportunity to attend introductory food pairing classes. Options ranged from wine and cheeses, to beer and cigars, to even chocolates. This was no doubt an extended ticket value, plus a bit of interactive fun for everyone.




Many food and drink event goers are hopeful for specific special releases. Whether it’s the first taste of a brand new beer, or an exclusive food item, there is a high level of anticipation from the crowd. Cali-Uncorked did not let this group down; with multiple speciality items available that included “Rum For The Hills”, a rum-aged barelywine from Tustin Brewing Co., and “High West Rye-Aged Eclipse”, an Imperial Stout from FiftyFifty Brewing. Both of these rare brews had people lining up for just a splash.



So, everyone’s had plenty to drink and eat. Time for a nap? Nope. Time to head to the event stage for a laughter induced ab-workout provided by a variety of stand-up comedians. Next on the bill, a live concert featuring Rebelution. Thank you Cali Uncorked; Foodies, Winos, and Beer nerds unite!