Yalcin & Sam of DönerG

Yalcin Aslan and Samuel Lee

A Turkish staple in Orange County is DönerG; a menu filled with items like the Instabowl, Doner Saltado, Doner kebabs, OG Fladenbrot, pita sandwiches… the list goes on. Yalcin Aslan and Samuel Lee are the creators behind this beloved brand. Their story is definitely intriguing when you find out how they met - Yalcin is from Turkey and came over to the United States to pursue a degree in business and Samuel was born and raised in Orange County. They both attended Cal State Fullerton where they both happened to be in the same class on the same consulting project… and as they say, the rest is history. Yalcin saw the lack of doner kebabs in Orange County and wanted to open a concept and Sam wanted to help turn that idea into a reality. Over the course of 8 years, Yalcin and Sam have been able to conceptualize, re-conceptualize and brand DönerG as THE Turkish staple in Orange County. Now, with 4 locations under their belt, they’re ready to open up another concept in the heart of Tustin called Utopia Caffé, a cafe inspired by their love for London and European cuisine.

Yalcin and Sam have been business partners for 8 years and are committed to themselves, each other and the successes in their future concepts. They make a great pair when it comes to running a business; they are both like-minded in knowing what they want, what they want to create, and overall, provide excellent customer service and fresh, delicious foods to their guests. Find DönerG in Irvine, Anaheim, Lake Forest and Santa Ana for your doner kebab fix.