Viet Pham of The Recess Room


The hospitality business has been ingrained in Viet since childhood. Some of his earliest memories are sitting in his high chair and watching his mother prepare endless amounts of food for her restaurant. Through his childhood, he was always in the kitchen-doing homework behind restaurant registers and managing his parents' restaurant at just 17. Through the experience, he gained growing up and the knowledge he’s developed, Viet has been able to open and co-own The Recess Room, a restaurant in Fountain Valley.

Viet has been lucky enough to have met his business partners very early on during his childhood. In fact, the name Recess Room was developed because he met all four of his business partners — Hoang Nghiem, Yahya Alwakza, Victory Nguyen and David Yi — during recess on his first day of elementary school. The concept of Recess Room is to unwind and relax and to enjoy the people you are relaxing with. Viet wants to make sure he always focuses on the customer first and wants Recess Room to be like Cheers, “Where everybody knows your name and they’re always glad you came.” He and the rest of the Recess Room team want to make sure the guests that come in are always taken care of and served quality food and drinks. Viet will never stop looking for improvement and plans to continue to make daily progress for himself and the business.

Viet is excited to be part of Fountain Valley and provide the community with The Recess Room. His biggest goal is to provide excellent food and drinks, to really take care of the guests and hopes one day everyone knows everybody’s name!