Tony Nguyen of Supernatural Sandwiches


What started as an experiment in a home kitchen has become a popular San Diego staple of fresh seafood sandwiches, now moving a little north to the DTSA community. Enter: Supernatural Sandwiches. If you haven’t heard of them, just head to Zagat, search 14 Must-Try Lobster Rolls Across the U.S. and Supernatural Sandwiches will pop up. Tony Nguyen, one of the creators of the movement, didn’t just get into making sandwiches, he worked towards a bigger goal. Starting as a busboy at Soup Plantation and then moving around in corporate America, he grew tired and was no longer passionate in food sales. He found himself having the urge to create and open his own restaurant. During a casual trip to a local seafood restaurant, inspiration struck; Tony wanted to create fresh (not fried) seafood sandwiches using local, sustainable ingredients featuring flavors inspired by Japan, Hawaii, Mexico and Italy. And so, the journey began.

In 2012 he and the team would meet every week to test flavor combinations in the kitchen. Once they felt it was perfected, they set up shop at their local farmers market to sell sandwiches and get the Supernatural name out there. One sandwich in particular, The Siren (to lure you in with its beauty and delectable taste), helped set off their momentum. Sandwiches were flying off the grills into customer’s hands at the farmers market and Tony and the team realized it was time to establish a brick and mortar location. They opened up shop in San Diego and with the rush of social media marketing and the popular demand of fresh seafood sandwiches, they then had to open an even bigger location neighboring location to meet all the demand. Most recently they’ve opened up shop at 4th Street Market, the popular food hall in downtown Santa Ana, to show Orange County what their fresh seafood sandwiches are all about.

Tony is super proud of his business ventures and accomplishments thus far and gives much credit to his business partner Anthony. The tough times, hard work, and determination has also landed them on the cover of San Diego magazine as one of the Best Restaurants in San Diego, 2015. Tony and the team are stoked to be part of the Santa Ana community and are ready to share the popular sandwiches that brought their vision to fruition as well as some brand new items . Check them out at 4th St Market and grab an Aphrodite, made with shrimp and bacon grilled cheese, or perhaps The Siren, the crowd-favorite that led them to victory and the success that is Supernatural Sandwiches.