Co-Founders of Steel Pan Pizza


Five friends. The love of pizza. Enter: the business of Steel Pan Pizza. Perhaps the recipe to a business isn’t quite that simple, but Joleen Piser, Conrad Malaya, Antonio Guereca, Jason Trinh and Fernando Valladares all had similar upbringings in the hospitality industry. With these similar backgrounds, they also shared a passion for authentic Detroit-style pizza, especially those that made use of the industrial steel pan. With that, the idea of Steel Pan Pizza was born.

This group of friends; now business partners, offers a unique twist on running an eatery. They acknowledge that they each have their own strengths and weaknesses, and know that if one of them wasn’t part of the team, their business wouldn’t be where it is today. Or, perhaps arugula might of ended upon all the pizzas since Conrad loves it so much. But then again, Jason can’t stand it, so with that, balance comes. The ying to one anothers’ yang, and such. This group set out to create Steel Pan Pizza because there’s a lack of Detroit-style pizza in the mainstream market.

“There are places that make it but don’t put heart and soul into it. And, sometimes there are pop-up shops that serve it, but not nearly enough brick and mortars offering it.”

So, when a spot at 4th Street Market opened up, they knew it was the time to get in and offer the community some authentic Detroit-style pie. The Steel Pan Pizza teams believes in hard work, and remains passionate about their product.

“Constantly surround yourself with people who are willing to push you out of your comfort zone to be the best version of you… because that just might be where you find your biggest inspirations, stay humble, eat with friends and to compete, because a little competition gets the ideas rolling.”

The friends of Steel Pan Pizza are stoked to bring exceptional, chewy, soft, crispy and crave-worthy Detroit-style pizza to 4th Street Market.