Roy Abi-Najm of West Coast Fish


At just 16 years old, Roy Abi-Najm fell head over heels for the fast paced, sometimes chaotic restaurant industry when his family opened a Lebanese restaurant in Orange. From then on, he couldn’t get enough of the networking, socializing and serving of guests, all while getting paid “a dream come true!” to him. With the continued passion and drive he’s felt since age 16, and now some experience under his belt, Roy has opened up West Coast Fish at The CAMP in Costa Mesa. West Coast Fish is a fast-casual eatery making waves in the scene of seafood. They only utilize the freshest ingredients, wild caught fish, and produce picked from local farmer’s market and The CAMP’s very own community garden.

Roy really got into his groove with seafood when he worked for a restaurant in Laguna Beach specializing in high end sushi with the company SBE and there met Chef Abel Vargas. With that connection, he was able to open up multiple venues for SBE and coordinated many on and off-site catering events. The fast paced aspect of the business is what kept Roy thriving and curating West Coast Fish. Not only does he love the organized chaos the restaurant business brings, but he loves to really cater to his guests and make them happy. He feels most proud when he sees the guests in his restaurant with big smiles enjoying the food he and his team produced. He takes pride in the food he created and does it all with love. He is extremely grateful for his brother and business partner Johnny; his first professional connection, Chef Abel Vargas, as well as his partner Chef James Reinhardt. Without them, West Coast Fish would not exist.

Roy hopes to provide Costa Mesa with the freshest fish and veggies, prepared by people who really care and love what they do day in and day out. Not only does West Coast Fish provide a quality product, but the personalities and techniques of the chefs behind it are what make the overall experience and atmosphere of West Coast Fish a memorable and delicious time.