Rashad Moumneh


Rashad Moumneh, chief ‘Falasopher’ and creator of the “Falafel Chariot,” also known as Falasophy, has a knack for delectable, Lebanese street food. Growing up in Beirut, Lebanon, Rashad describes himself as always being a foodie. Although up until 2014, he didn’t actually know he’d be the one serving the food. Now, Rashad has found himself with a successful food truck dubbed the “Falafel Chariot,” and a spot at the 4th Street Market preaching “Know Thy Falafel” (it’s important). Falasophy seeks to create the most authentic and fresh Lebanese dishes in the heart of Santa Ana.

Rashad came to California after graduating with an engineering degree in Lebanon. While visiting with a friend who owned a restaurant in Long Beach, he fell in love with the idea of opening and owning his own restaurant. He decided he was going to switch careers and pursue the restaurant industry full-time. Rashad started at Taco Bell headquarters where he worked for many years taking on leadership roles in marketing and operations. After a career on the corporate side, Rashad concluded he wanted to have some fun and open up his own foodie joint. Dissatisfied with the local food options, Rashad decided he wanted to return to his roots and bring Lebanese street food to the residents of Orange County. From there, Rashad was able to open a food truck in 2014 called Falasophy, where he garnered a following of “Falasophy Disciples” and coined his food truck as the “Falafel Chariot”. With the success of his “chariot”, Rashad was able to also create a space of worship in the 4th Street Market this January. Falasophy’s main falasophy is to provide their own interpretation of exciting and craveable Lebanese street food using the highest quality and freshest ingredients possible.  

Rashad knows Falasophy wouldn’t have the following they do without his team of ‘falasopher’s’  and credits them for the success. He also gives a lot of praise to their head chef Ghada Chiha, who is “the queen of Lebanese street food”. Rashad is grateful to be part of the exciting hub of the 4th Street Market and hopes to gain more disciples through offering accessible, delicious and exciting Lebanese street food.