Owners of KRISP Fresh Living


The idea behind KRISP is simple: to live fresh

The women behind KRISP-Janice Lee, Elaine Chiu and Tammy Higgins-are privy in providing the best and freshest ingredients for their customers. The three of them have been on a constant journey to discover and test the latest and greatest in the organic foods industry worldwide, and create products optimized for health. In addition, they’ve also hired renowned nutritionists and chefs to develop a line of nutritionally balanced gourmet juices. Their philosophy is simple: “Healthy living shouldn’t be a chore, and it’s important to make products as good as they are healthy.” - KRISP Fresh Living Team

Janice, Elaine and Tammy met through a mutual acquaintance who recognized their similar interests in living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The three of them, though coming from different backgrounds, decided to open up KRISP in 2013 to enhance the health in their community using innovative and delicious super foods and beverages. The three of them come from similar yet different backgrounds before they came to the concept of KRISP.

Janice has always had an interest in the beverage industry which guided her to a keen interest in superfoods and cold-pressed juices. She has experience in working in corporate sales but was always passionate about the food industry which led her to opening KRISP.

Elaine’s background begins with gluten, sugar and pretty far from superfoods. She started off making candy for Disneyland and took an interest in baking and pursued getting an education at The Culinary Institute of America, NAPA studying baking and pastry. She jumped around working for Lee’s Sandwiches, Godiva Chocolatier and Corner Bakery. As she continued to grow both personally and professionally, Elaine found she started to pay attention to health and wellness and the types of foods she put in her body. With that in mind she started to become keenly aware of the foods she wanted to incorporate into her recipes. Through that mutual acquaintance, she was able to meet both Janice and Tammy to help open up KRISP.

Tammy always entertained the thought of running a restaurant, although most of her professional background resided in the medical sales industry. But, with the leap of faith, support and passion she was able to open KRISP with Janice and Elaine. Tammy has always been passionate about health and wellness and wanted to share her knowledge with her community.

Janice, Elaine and Tammy are very proud of their accomplishments with KRISP. Their favorite moment to date is when they began seeing their dreams unfold by finding the ideal location and having the opportunity to customize the space and menu offerings to fit the needs of local business professionals and the surrounding residential communities. They are very excited and humbled to be part of TRADE in Irvine and are looking forward to developing a bond with their neighboring TRADE businesses and working as a team by cross promoting to create a local destination where the exciting atmosphere is contagious!