Owners of Hiro Nori Ramen


Both natives from Japan, Tadanori Akasaka and Hiromichi Igarashi always have had an affinity for the Japanese cuisine, ramen. From an early age, their love for the noodle and umami dish sparked an interest in learning how to make their own. Now, assimilated in sunny Orange County, they’re bringing their passion to TRADE.

The labor of making ramen is no joke. It takes not only physical labor but mental labor as well to perfect the perfect ramen broth. Fortunately for Tadanori and Hiro, ramen is not seen as work but a fun, creative challenge. With their drive and passion, they plan to bring inexpensive, absolutely delicious ramen (their goal is to be the BEST ramen restaurant in the next 20 years), big smiles, warm greetings and a really good atmosphere to Hiro Nori. At TRADE, Hiro Nori will be THE ramen place, with a trendy atmosphere and all around good vibes. They hope to not only entice the people of Irvine, but other populations in surrounding cities to come out for their umami, noodle, warm, delicious filled passion project.