Michael Puglisi

Michael Puglisi
Electric City Butcher | Off the Hoof
4th Street Market | DTSA

If there are two things Michael Puglisi, owner of DTSA’s Electric City Butcher, would know, it’s craftsman butchery and how to be a nomad. The New York native’s career prologues upstate in 2005, working on the prep line of a 120 seat French bistro and rising to the sous chef ranks. It is here Puglisi dug through old books and picked the brains of old cooks, beginning his cerebral odyssey for the skills it takes to be “a real butcher.” Barbara Lynch’s butcher shop in Boston was Stop No. 2 on the map, starting Puglisi’s transition from former prep cook to Butcher and Executive Sous Chef in a matter of three short years. The list goes on from headlining as Head Butcher at Fountaine Bleu Hotel and Resort Miami Beach in 2008, onto Opening Head Butcher at Chef Keller’s Los Angeles butchery locale Bouchon in 2009. At Bouchon, Puglisi climbed the ranks once again and departed as Executive Sous in 2013, upon which he began consulting on 4th Street Market, the then-soon-to-be anchorage for ECB. 

Electric City Butcher, launched in February of 2015, is the only whole animal butcher shop in Orange County, providing responsibly sourced meats from family-owned farmers and ranchers across California. Ask Puglisi when the idea of Electric City Butcher began to grow, and he’ll mention a five-week stint in Sicily, exploring restaurants, obviously butchers, and (most importantly) local farmers. Puglisi’s pride in ECB lies not just in his refined and beloved craft, but in the butchery’s respect to “the animal that was sacrificed for us to consume” and to sourcing his product through a precise standard of responsibility. Electric City Butcher, launched in February of 2014, currently stands as his crown jewel one of a kind concept to provide custom premium charcuterie and sausage to local restaurants. Puglisi’s pride in Electric City Butcher and his latest concept, Off the Hoof, lies not just in his refined and beloved craft, but also in the butchery’s respect for each individual animal and the farmers who raise them. Puglisi ensures that the handcrafted charcuterie, sausages, and cut-to-order meats are of unparalleled quality.



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