Lynette Le of The Blind Rabbit


Lynette Le, a self-taught successful bartender and go-getter, has a knack for making everything she puts her mind to succeed. Lynette didn’t grow up perfecting her craft of cocktails under a professional mentor; rather, she put a great deal of time and energy into the libation culture and has been able to curate innovative cocktails all by teaching herself. With her success, she’s been able to create and collaborate with the proprietors of The Blind Rabbit and make the menu unique, not only from the owner's standpoint, but also from her point of view.

From an early start, Lynette had the drive to be successful. Throughout college and beyond, she owned and operated a boutique in Orange County. From leading the buyer’s department to producing fashion shows, organizing charity events, creating progressive marketing plans for the store, and acting as the overall chief officer of the business, Lynette was able to build a strong work ethic and leadership skills. With her motivation, she was able to successfully lead her boutique for over ten years.

After her time in the retail world, Lynette wanted a change of pace, so she decided to get her feet wet in the hospitality industry. She started out where all great bartender’s start out -- as a barback. She worked hard, and within five months she was running The Blind Rabbit’s bar program. Their sales increased along with her growth in expertise, and it was there that she found her passion and began running wild with it, making innovative and exciting new cocktails. With all her success and hard work, Lynette is now the General Manager of The Blind Rabbit. Fun fact: she even grows her own herbs and produce to include in some of the cocktails on the menu. With her drive and passion, Lynette has had the opportunity to create a speakeasy lover’s dream come true with her passion for delicious libations.