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Vegan Tacos De Canasta | photo courtesy of La Vegana

Vegan Tacos De Canasta | photo courtesy of La Vegana


La Vegana Mexicana is a family-owned business offering authentic plant-based Mexican food. Known for their handmade signature tamales, La Vegana has been featured by NPR, LA Times, OC Weekly, Univision, and more. The'y’ve most recently found a home at 4th St Market, downtown Santa Ana’s popular food hall. Founder Loreta Ruiz converted to a vegan lifestyle years ago, but as a mother was worried that her children weren’t getting all the necessary nutrients eating just vegan. There began her journey into finding recipes that not only met the vegan requirements, but were also satisfying in terms of taste. There are many Mexican dishes that are plant-based by nature or have no animal products, so from there Loreta and her team managed to achieve culturally appropriate dishes, each with a vegan twist.

“The motivation behind your business should stem from a profound admiration and belief in your product. We are very passionate about both healthy, plant-based eating, and traditional Mexican food, which keeps. And, we believe that you should not start a business solely for reasons pertaining to making money. At the end of the day, you have to have reasons outside of profit... you have to truly believe in your product.” - Loreta Ruiz

La Vegana Mexicana has brought traditional, healthy, plant-based Mexican food to the Orange County community.

More About: Founder Loreta Ruiz

Vegan Tamales | photo courtesy of La Vegana

Vegan Tamales | photo courtesy of La Vegana



La Vegana Mexicana serves exclusively plant-based, traditional Mexican dishes. They are most known for their signature tamales (offering 16 different variations), but they also offer items such as vegan ceviche, vegan aguachile, tacos de canasta, pozole rojo, sopa de fideo, aguas frescas, café de olla lattes, and more. For their dishes, they find inspiration in the diversity that exists in traditional Mexican dishes and always on the search for new ingredients that add flavor, culture, and history to their food. And, while many of us think of fake meat when we think Vegan, La Vegana steers clear of these faux-proteins. Their dishes emulate traditional Mexican food and taste without using any real meat, or processed mock-meats. Most importantly, there is no set menu at La Vegana Mexicana. Instead, their menu offerings rotate each weekend, keeping things seasonal, fresh and exciting. Other items such as eenchiladas, nopales salad, entomatadas, pambazos, and additional traditional Mexican comfort food items are potentially on the horizon as well.

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201 E. 4th Street, #129
Santa Ana, CA 92701
Driving Directions via: Google Maps

Hours of Operation: Lunch & Dinner, Daily
Sunday - Thursday, 11:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.
Friday - Saturday, 11:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.

Menu Pricing: $ 

Seating: Indoor Food Hall & Outdoor Patio Seating

Service: Counter

Tamales made fresh and by hand daily | photo courtesy of La Vegana

Tamales made fresh and by hand daily | photo courtesy of La Vegana


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