Kevin Lee of Puzzle


Kevin Lee is a whiskey and cocktail enthusiast, an experimenter and curator of his own bitters, liqueurs, and Amaris, and a perfectionist when it comes to creating a cocktail at Puzzle. With these many talents and interest, he has implemented a cocktail program at Puzzle in La Mirada that is both delicious and perfectly handcrafted. With influence from movies, music, and pop culture, the cocktails at Puzzle utilize fresh and quality ingredients to enlighten guests with playful references that invite you to join the restaurant’s lighthearted (and enticing) atmosphere.

With 20 years of hospitality service in his family, Kevin is no stranger to the restaurant scene. At a young age, he began as a dishwasher and, like many success stories, worked his way up the ladder in the industry. With a knack for experimentation and a passion for libations, he took recipes from Italy and created his own bitters, liqueurs, and Amaris at home, perfecting his craft before taking his experiments to the bar. Kevin poured his heart and soul into creating and perfecting his libations; his philosophy was to make sure he’d put his life into the obsession of creating phenomenal cocktails. Once he was confident that he curated the right recipes, Kevin joined his brother Kenny at Puzzle to produce cocktails with ingredients that are homemade and sourced from the best quality produce, herbs and spices. Kevin has also developed the bartender training program at Puzzle, which includes lessons on hand carving clear ice — another emphasis of Puzzle’s attention to detail — mastering various bartending techniques, a cocktail history curriculum, and spirit tasting.

Looking to the future, Kevin hopes Puzzle will provide the community with a unique, fresh and delectable cocktail experience driven by a passionate and sincere approach to cocktail making. It strives to present new and innovative ideas without sacrificing quality, seasonality, and simplicity.