Juan Altamirano of Nui Foods

Juan Altamirano
Manager, Research & Development | Nui Foods

Changing people’s lives with cookies.

It might seem a little far fetched, but Juan Altamirano is doing just that with Nui Foods; he’s changing people’s lives with cookies. Nui was inspired by the ketogenic diet lifestyle, focusing on the consumption high fat and high protein foods, with very low amounts of carbohydrates and sugar. The team had nearly everything in order when it came to creating their meal plan for Nui Foods, but there was one very important item missing; cookies. From there, research and development began and the Nui Foods Keto Kookie was born.

The first inspiration for the Keto Kookie began with Juan Altamirano’s love of baking. At the age of 8, Juan baked his very first cake and instantly found his passion. At 17 he enrolled in culinary school and specialized in baking and pastry making. Since then he’s been consistently moving up the culinary ladder throughout Orange County. From beach side resorts to hill top restaurants, he’s gathered experience and improved his craft. His pastry knowledge ranges from Latin, French, American, and Asian cultures, which eventually led him to Nui. With his passion and for baking and necessary understanding of scientific ratios to create something delicious AND healthy, Juan has been able to research and develop the Keto Kookie recipe, and turn it into the successful product that it is today. Juan joined forces with the founders of Nui Foods (Kristoffer Quiaoit and Victor Macias), and first started the development of the Keto Kookie product line within the walls of East End Kitchens located at 4th Street Market in downtown Santa Ana, California.

“Working in EEK at 4th Street Market has been an incredible experience; it was actually our first commercial kitchen used for the Keto Kookie. The impact that it has on Nui Foods is immense as it is our primary facility for research and development. We’ve conducted many exciting projects there, including creating new cookie flavors. t’s an amazing place to work.” - Juan Altamirano

From there, their team has accomplished quite a bit with the Keto Kookie, including features in OC Weekly, OC Register, Foodbeast and Baker’s Journal. Most notably, the Keto Kookie was featured on Shark Tank, taking sales to the next level; Nui Foods sold over $1.7 million worth of cookies in 2018 alone. Most importantly though, Juan and his team consider their biggest success to be that they are consistently impacting people’s lives for the better through this health-conscious product.