Jason Trinh of Pig Pen Delicacy

Jason Trinh
Co-Owner of Pig Pen Delicacy
4th Street Market | DTSA

I grew up in West Covina, and throughout my k-12 schooling, I was very involved in after-school clubs, extra-curricular activities, and sports. After high school, I attended UCI, where I studied engineering and graduated with a bachelor's in electrical engineering. During school as well as after I graduated, I worked in IT. After that, I decided to go work at Disney for a change of pace. That's where I discovered my passion for the food industry. Being around the creativity of Disney made me want to take chances and open my own restaurant where my ideas could grow and be something more than just ideas. This is where Pig Pen Delicacy comes in. The 4th street market has given me hope that dreams can come true. This concept will grow, as I will grow, and in a few years, I see Pig Pen being a big hit across the country with the help of my friends and family.



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