Hop Phan


Hop Phan, pioneer of Dos Chinos, the popular SoCal Latin-Vietnamese fusion eatery, and Sit Low Pho, an elevated Vietnamese food one-stop-shop, is a hardworking individual perfecting his craft of food. Growing up in the epicenter of Santa Ana, Hop was surrounded by both his Vietnamese roots and the Mexican culture, where he’d eat traditional Vietnamese dishes at home, and procure tacos, tortas and fruit mashed with salt. Hop knew he wanted to be part of the foodie industry but didn’t want to start out with traditional Vietnamese dishes, but rather fusion dishes inspired from lunch trucks. So, he decided to create a foodie-haven, where two of his favorite cultural cuisines came together...enter: Dos Chinos. Originally a food truck, Dos Chinos also has a brick and mortar spot at 4th Street Market where you can grub on tacos, burritos and bowls all offering a Vietnamese flair. With the success of Dos Chinos, Hop also opened Sit Low Pho taking traditional Vietnamese dishes and making the cuisine his own. The menu offers  24 hour marinated bone broth pho and french dipped bahn mi’s, to name a few. Now, with his success of both Dos Chinos and Sit Low Pho, Hop will open up two concepts at TRADE, Irvine’s first food hall, where local residents will get to indulge in the the creation of Dos Chinos and Medgadon, a Hawaiian-Japanese fusion restaurant.

You would never guess with the success of both Dos Chinos and Sit Low Pho that Hop’s original career plan was to become a teacher. During his studies, the profession of education took a dramatic shift; extreme budget cuts were in effect and teachers were rapidly being laid off. After realizing education might not be the best route to go because of the cuts, Hop turned to food. Inspired by Mexican lunch trucks and noticing the food trend of South-Asian fusion-food trucks, Hop thought maybe he could bring his roots and his angle of Mexican food to the lunch truck table. Hop noticed there was a plethora of Korean-Mexican food trucks and was blown away with the flavors and execution of their food, but noticed nobody was doing a Vietnamese-Mexican fusion or Thai-Mexican. Hop decided that was it… he was going to create a Latin-Asian food truck. He was inspired and excited, and even though he didn’t have any professional experience, he knew he wanted to make it happen. Hop was fortunate enough to have learned how to cook at an early age from his grandmother and believed what she taught him was more than sufficient. With passion and drive in mind, Hop was able to create an idea and turn it into a full-fledged business. With the start of just a little food truck bringing awesome food from both Vietnamese and Mexican cuisine, Hop has been fortunate enough to slowly build up his empire of unique fusion fare.

Hop is so grateful for his team and all the media attention Dos Chinos has gotten, and is thrilled people are still raving about his food. The media attention his eateries have received has helped a great deal in the marketing of his team’s multiple projects. Hop and his crew love working closely with others, especially those that have a good understanding of the food industry, who are highly skilled and talented, and know how to make waves in the food scene. The entire team is very excited to be part of TRADE and bring the buzz of Dos Chinos and Megadon, their newest Hawaiian-Japanese concept, to the Irvine community. For Hop, the biggest thrill is simply serving up delicious and interesting food.