Hannah Leigh of McFadden Public Market


Hannah Leigh has taken the reigns of McFadden Public Market bar program. Hannah got her start in the hospitality industry when she was just looking for a way to pay bills. From slowly working her way up from local joints to big corporations, Hannah discovered her hunger to be creative and work in the realm of libations. With persistence (and a little white lie here and there), Hannah was able to gain knowledge and experience as a bartender and now runs the show for both bars at McFadden Public Market.

At 16, Hannah began waiting tables at a local mom-and-pop shop to make some extra cash. After a stint there, she moved on to a larger corporate chain restaurant that offered more stability and benefits as a server which allowed her to transfer to another location when she left for college out of state. With a few years of serving under her belt, she was interested in moving to bartending but lacked the experience, so she did what she could: lied about her knowledge and experience as a bartender. It worked, because Hannah got a job at the local downtown nightclub learning the ropes of making drinks tasty, strong, and fast. Fake it til you make it, right? During her time at the nightclub, she gained enough experience to become a craft bartender, where she could utilize her inherent creativity to create craft libations. Fast forward to today, and Hannah’s knowledge and passion have transferred back to California running the bars for McFadden Public Market.

Looking to the future, Hannah wants McFadden Public Market to be a respectable pillar of the hospitality community, offering a dining experience that appeals to many different demographics, and in doing so, wants to put Santa Ana on the map as a must-see city for everyone visiting, and living in Southern California.