Gladys Castillo of Firefly


Gladys Castillo
Executive Pastry Chef | Firefly

Firefly Pastry Chef Gladys Castillo has not always dreamed of working in the restaurant industry. After graduating from high school in The San Fernando Valley, she went to school to become a school counselor, and at 19 years old realized counseling was not her passion. Gladys decided she needed to leave the career path she thought would make her parents happy. She had always enjoyed baking at home and soon decided to test out a new career path — one that involved creativity. She went on to study pastry at Le Cordon Bleu, and since graduating from the culinary arts college has practiced her passion for baking at a few restaurants in Los Angeles, including West Hollywood’s The London, Barton G Los Angeles, The Huntley Hotel in Santa Monica, and Gjusta, as well as two hot spots in Miami, Barton G Miami and Scarpetta. Her time in Miami lasted a few years, and then she moved back home to L.A.

Throughout her career, Gladys has had the opportunity to work with some great chefs, including Chef Santiago B. Puga who has been a great influence to her and has challenged her to push her limits on creativity with flavors and presentations. She worked with the chef at Barton G in Los Angeles, as well as the Barton G in Miami.

Gladys lives by the personal mantra that every day we should be learning something new, and keep pushing and challenging ourselves a little every day. She invites Firefly guests to expand their horizons, and she hopes Firefly opens people’s minds to what food is and what it can be.