Erin of Front Porch Pops & Treatery



Erin from Front Porch Pops and Treatery got her start by transforming a part-time passion into a full-time thriving business. Her drive began with a lot of time on her hands, experimenting in her personal kitchen, having friends and family try her creations, and finally deciding to curate her own business. The launch grew out of the desire to create a job for herself, and provide a fruitful, delicious experience in her community. From gourmet popsicles to pies, Erin’s vision for Front Porch Pops and Treatery aims to provide a unique sweet treats experience for customers, and to leave them coming back for more.

Erin’s story doesn’t begin with food at all; she studied journalism and political science in college, eventually specializing in experiential events and marketing after graduating. Upon her relocation to Orange County from Seattle, Erin was laid off from the event business and went from 100 to 0 real quick. She began cooking, a lot, and with the constant heat of Southern California, inspiration struck and she began experimenting with popsicles to get through the balmy weather. She would often take her creations to Adam, her fiance’s work place and get raving reviews. She knew her hobby of making popsicles could turn into something very special.

Erin’s beginnings of Front Porch Pops was a natural progression. She spent months developing recipes, researching business ventures, and finally, during the summer of June 2011, sold her first tangy, lemon cream pop, and thus Front Porch Pops was born. Her goal: to make something delicious that makes people happy, and now almost 6 years later that is the principle she and her Front Porch Pops team thrives on. Erin’s new project, Treatery, is an artisan sweets shop and speciality caterer. Like Front Porch Pops, she knew she was onto something when clientele continued to grow; thus began Treatery, catering in pies, s’mores, gourmet rice crispy treats and Treat Yo’Self jars- essentially layered decadence.

Erin truly believes this is what she is meant to do in the world. She loves the challenges and rewards of being an entrepreneur and could not imagine doing anything else. Erin’s ambition is to continue a thriving business and provide pops and sweet treats to other areas outside of Southern California, obtain a shelf in grocery stores, and ultimately to continue having fun.