Delilah Snell of Alta Baja Market


With an opportunity to rent out a space in the 4th Street Market in Santa Ana, Delilah Snell was inspired by European bodegas throughout past travels, although, realized a European niche may clash with the city’s culture. She re-imagined her travels to Mexico and was inspired by the great food and culture the Southwestern border conveys and realized that aesthetic would make the perfect cornerstone. Thus, Alta Baja Market was made-a grocery store, deli and educational space dedicated to celebrating the foods and crafts of California, Mexico and the American Southwest.

Delilah has been in the food industry for over 13 years working in different cafes around Orange County. She has a knack for providing excellent customer service and to make a lasting impression on those she’s interacted with. Delilah also helped curate Santa Ana’s very first farmers market. She found passion in sourcing local produce from farmers in and around Orange County, and for nearly a decade has been able to support a community program which allows consumers to get their produce straight from the farm by paying for a share of the farm's harvest in advance. She has also become a Master Food Preserver, teaching food preservation to her team and the community.

Alta Baja Market would not be the successful bodega it is without the amazing women behind it all. The well-oiled machine of a team behind Alta Baja Market understands that operating and maintaining a business is hard work, and to maintain its progression the constant flow needs work, love and dedication; without these three components Alta Baja Market would not be able to survive. Delilah’s team of women are extremely hard working and treat Alta Baja Market as if it were their own; everyone is constantly thinking how to make the business grow and make it stronger and continue success. With the mindset of hard work, focus and drive, the team at Alta Baja Market are able to really take pride and ownership in their successful bodega.

Delilah is extremely proud of her work and contributing to the community of Santa Ana. She takes pride in providing tasting and educational events for her team to learn from, and loves that her and her team are are consistently coming up with new ideas to keep innovating. The future of Alta Baja Market is to keep learning, growing and to provide Mexican and Southwestern products to Santa Ana.