Chef Sam Green


Sam Green is a very passionate chef and holds himself responsible for maintaining the integrity of the ingredients he works with. At the age of 14, he began working for a catering company starting at the very bottom, scrubbing pots and pans, and continued working in the field because he felt a fire inside him. While in high school, he was part of the culinary vocational program where he learned new techniques in a fast-paced restaurant environment. He loved it so much he continued his journey in New York where he attended the Culinary Institute of America. Through hard work and eagerness to learn more, he graduated after just two years and officially began his career in the culinary industry. He continued his journey in Hyde Park, New York and worked alongside executive Chef Jeff Raider where he was able to work alongside other young professionals, all eager to make it in the culinary field. At the age of 25, Sam traveled to Southern California, initially to visit family and to explore the restaurant scene in Orange County; however, he enjoyed the stay and restaurant scene so much, he made Orange County his new home. He began working in Laguna Beach under Chef Amar Santana, where he took a position as a line cook and eventually moved up to Sous Chef. Gaining experience and rapport for three years, he moved onto the Balboa Bay Resort under executive Chef Rachel Haggstrom, where he held the title of Chef de Cuisine, developing menus and operating kitchens for both Waterline and A+O in Orange County. Today, Chef Sam Green has found himself a new home at The Recess Room as the executive chef creating show-stopping dishes, like the 40 ounce Tomahawk steak with a Foie gras butter, herb gremolata and a Bulleit Rye reduction sauce.

Sam’s philosophy is to always create exceptional dishes. He believes if someone took the time to grow, raise, fish, pick, pack and ship it, then it is his full responsibility to maintain the integrity of the product and utilize the ingredient to its fullest potential. Passion is what drives him and with open mindedness and room to create, he wants to explore new techniques and continue to grow as a chef. He thanks Viet Pham and the rest of the staff at The Recess Room for the opportunity as well as the creative freedom they’ve given him.

As the executive Chef at Recess Room, Sam wants to provide guests with a top-notch dining out experience, where the food and drinks are equally as important as the company you surround yourself with. He hopes his guests are able to relax, recharge and fully indulge on his decadent and exciting dishes.