Chef "Ocho" Keith Garrett



If you haven’t had a chance to watch Keith Garett slay making tacos, burritos and quesadillas yet, you’ve been missing out. Keith Garrett, also known as Chef Ocho (as in “See ya on the Ocho!”), is the mastermind behind All Flavor No Grease. The buzz-worthy front-yard-quesadilla hustler transitioned into LA’s Most Famous Food Truck, and is now a brick and mortar at Downtown Santa Ana’s most coveted food hall, 4th Street Market. Chef Garrett is a personality to say the least, and a true embodiment of the energy and positivity that he brings to his kitchen (and food) on a daily basis.

While living in Watts, California in 2012, Keith needed a side hustle that meant something other than selling weed on the streets; so he found a little corner market, and used all he had to open up a corner candy shop to contribute to his community where adults and kids alike could come to hang out and purchase snacks. A little later into his shop, a friend of his jokingly suggested he offer real food other than just snacks and candy. He transitioned that casual comment into a real concept, and that’s how All Flavor No Grease was born. He started preparing tacos, burritos and quesadillas upon a plancha in his own front yard. With his positive personality and the help of a little social app called Instagram, All Flavor No Grease was officially on the map. They’ve been featured in multiple publications, viewed over 600 million times through online publications such as Foodbeast, First We Feast, and Business Insider, and even landed themselves a television slot with Steve Harvey. The tenacity and grit and positivity Keith brings to the table is what’s given him and the All Flavor No Grease team huge success.

Chef Garrett doesn’t have any previous restaurant experience, but his personal mantra has helped him throughout everything; “Believe in yourself, always do you, and always push yourself, because yes, it’s going to get hard and nothing comes easy, but, if you keep focusing on you, good things will push through”. Keith also gives huge thanks to his FOODMANTI brothers for their constant support and inspiration, to God, and his momma, because without them none of this would be possible.

“Having a food stall at 4th Street Market is a dream come true”. - Chef Keith Garrett

Keith and the rest of the All Flavor No Grease team hopes to bring a colorful, tasty and soulful experience to the community in Santa Ana and Orange County.