Carolyn Staples of OC Waxing, TRADE


“If you can grow it, we can wax it!” Carolyn Staples, Owner and CEO of OC Waxing has a love for taking hair off the body. Waxing friends and having fun doing it, she realized the general public didn’t have many options to choose a place to remove hair, and wanted to change the market. Renting out a service room with a shared pilates studio back in 2008, Carolyn got her start waxing family and friends. Word soon spread about her passion project and Carolyn started racking up customers from all over. Business began to boom and Carolyn was providing clients top-notch waxing experiences. Now with five locations, Carolyn is excited to bring a specialized waxing experience to every client that walks through their door at TRADE.

Carolyn’s goal with all her locations is to give clients the best welcoming, sanitary and comfortable experience possible. Each Waxologist is trained and professional, and aims to build a trusting relationship with each client that comes to OC Waxing. The whole model is set up to value the time with each client, to never have the experience feel rushed and to not just offer waxing, but specialize in it.

Carolyn is very proud to be part of top lists in OC’s Hot List 2015 & 2016, Modern Luxury Riveria and CBS Los Angeles.. She feels her accomplishments would not be on those lists without her team of passionate Waxologists and staff. She knows the hard work her team puts in to make OC Waxing a comfortable, relaxing and professional environment and is proud to have each and every one of them find excitement in their work.

Carolyn wants to bring comfort, passion, professionalism and knowledge to TRADE and the clients that come in. Whether it be a first time client or a seasoned veteran, each time they are being serviced there is one goal: to give the best waxing service you’ve ever had.