Annika Colombi of TRADE


Annika Colombi and her team at Lincoln Property company have revitalized and reimagined a foodie hub, offering retailers the opportunity to break the mold and become part of a unique retail project: TRADE. A pronounced ‘foodie’, Annika has been able to assist in bringing together the best food in every category to provide a well rounded offering; from Dos Chinos, Sweet COMBforts, Portside and Two Birds and Butterleaf, to name a few. Her idea and design for TRADE was to attract every consumer; from the college student seeking a lunch and study break, to a mother trying to figure out where her picky children want to eat, as well as the business person who wants to meet a client for a great lunch without the white tablecloths.

Annika took on this project because she wanted to be part of developing a community of hardworking, like-minded individuals. Her philosophy is simple: when people work together and have a sense of community and support each other, great things happen. TRADE offers a community where businesses can thrive, continually fuel their creative passion, and support their neighbors. She is excited to bring in restauranteurs who aren’t afraid of change and are innovative and willing to adapt to trends. New experiences and good food are both very important to people, and TRADE’s tenants can provide both to its patrons. Annika’s motto through this whole journey... Treat others the way you want to be treated”, be friendly, generous and thrive on passion.