Anna Ekizian of Gyro King


At Gyro King, proprietor Anna Ekizian holds this to be true: delicious, healthy Greek cuisine made from only the finest and freshest ingredients is what the customers want, and the OC deserves. As a proud Armenian born in Istanbul, Turkey, the epicenter of Anna’s traditional Armenian life has always revolved around food and family. She began cooking in fifth grade and credits her mother and mother-in-law for teaching her to cook everything she knows now. While learning the ropes of traditional cooking and perfecting her craft, Anna helped her brother start the beginning of Gyro King back in 1979. Together, they would prepare only the finest and freshest ingredients daily, and make plates they would be proud to not only serve themselves but also their family. After many years of creating a delicious, Greek haven, Anna took over her brother’s position and became the owner of Gyro King. With 30 years of experience, Anna still loves every moment of what she does. She loves preparing fresh ingredients, creating decadent plates, treating her customers as if they were her own family, creating a community among her team and still working with the same vendors she began working with 30 years ago. Gyro King is now a staple at TRADE Food Hall, and Anna is excited to keep on with the tradition that has always been the soul of Gyro King: daily preparation of only the finest and freshest ingredients for a delicious Greek cuisine.