Bartender Andrew Winters


Andrew Winters is a man passionate and well-skilled on what it takes to make a really good cocktail. Starting early (14 years young early) he got his start by making a really boozy, dirty martini for his mother. Andrew’s revelation that his calling was making craft cocktails came from the look on his mother’s face every time she took a sip of one of his martinis — content, filled with bliss. Continuing with the passion of libations, Andrew has gained a wealth of experience of the curation of an outstanding cocktail and knows exactly what it takes to get the guests’ he pours to smile. As the Lead Bartender for The Blind Rabbit, Andrew has been able to really find his niche in the libation world and is an expert in all drinks ranging from fun, fruity tiki drinks to dark, smoky and sultry cocktails.

Andrew has a wide range of experience in libations. Before joining The Blind Rabbit worked at James Republic in Long Beach where he was the lead experimenter designing a new cocktail menu every three months. He also currently holds the title of local brand ambassador for Pisco Viejo Tonel for Los Angeles and Orange County, in which he creates cocktails for Pisco Viejo Tonel to help build its brand awareness. With all his hard work, Andrew has garnered much-earned recognition. From being promoted on the cover of the LA Times, where his cocktail ‘Wait For It’ was recognized, to making Thrillist’s LA section and being featured in CBS News as the creator of THE best Bourbon Cocktail of Orange County — Andrew is undoubtedly accomplished. To say Mr. Andrew Winters makes a damn delicious cocktail would be an understatement, he makes the BEST damn delicious cocktails.