Chef Andrew Singh


With a fruit carving demo from a chef on career day in elementary school, Andrew Singh knew he wanted to dabble in the culinary arts world when he became an adult. In college, he studied engineering, but didn’t feel fulfilled in his major choice. He reminded himself of the feeling he got when watching the chef on career day and decided to stop with engineering and pursue culinary arts full-time. He applied and got accepted to the Art Institute’s culinary program and finished off with a degree in the Art of Cooking. Finding his passion, working at different restaurants and gaining experience, Andrew now resides at Hatch at the Union Market in Tustin producing savory sliders, loco moco’s and craft tiki cocktails.

Andrew credits his experience working for 7 Degrees, a catering company, and Roy’s, a renowned Hawaiian fusion restaurant-where he developed respect and community in the kitchen. Working under Chef Blaine and Chef Edgar at Roy's, he learned how to navigate the restaurant kitchen, and how to have fun under times of pressure. With Chef Robert of 7 Degrees, he learned in order to thrive you must persevere during those long working hours. In addition, he believes that an essential part of working behind the scenes of a restaurant, is a sense of community. The chef might be the driver of the kitchen, but if there is no respect for each other’s work, then the function will fail. Andrew takes pride in interacting with his colleagues in the kitchen and building meaningful and lasting relationships, while running a well-oiled machine behind the scenes.

Andrew is excited about being part of Hatch because it brings a unique feel to the Union Market. In the back confines of the Union Market, you will transport yourself to a little tiki bar, with a retro feel, delicious classic tiki cocktails, and sliders that will melt in your mouth. With Hatch, Andrew wants a fun spot to bring people together, have good drinks, food, and bring good times and a lot of laughs.