Chef Alex Moreno of Habana


Alex Moreno is a chef with many talents and has a lot of accolades to prove it. He’s worked with both celebrities and celebrity chefs perfecting dishes at Melisse, Jiraffe, Spago and Bastide; paved the culinary road executing meals for Van Halen, Destiny’s Child and Nelly, and eventually settled down to a brick and mortar in San Francisco at Tres Agaves. He began traveling south to the City of Angels, helping open concepts, dabbling in famous cooking shows, and winning. Eventually, he settled in and worked his way from Sous Chef to Executive Chef while helping create well curated menus. His newest endeavor is taking over the kitchen at Habana’s new location in Irvine, a lush restaurant serving delicious, credible Cuban flair.

Alex began his journey at LA Trade Technical College where he earned his associate's degree in their culinary program. There he worked his way through line cooking, rotated through the kitchen stations in Wolfgang Puck’s main restaurant, Spago, climbed the ladder becoming a Sous Chef in prestigious restaurants where he was able to use his creative talent handling recipe and menu development. He then found himself working as the Chef de Cuisine at Tres Agaves, voted one of the top ten restaurants in San Francisco in 2005, curating authentic and modern Mexican dishes inspired by Jalisco, Mexico. His present culinary home to date is at Border Grill as the Executive Chef developing dishes that are conscious to the seasons and using meats and poultries raised humanely and antibiotic free. And, to top off his accolades, Alex went on to complete in the Food Network’s hit show Chopped, out-cooking three other executive chefs using mystery baskets full of Spanish Ingredients. To say he’s achieved a lot is an understatement.

Alex now finds himself as the Executive Chef of Habana, a Cuban restaurant serving up award winning food reminiscent of pre-Castro Cuba. His impressive accomplishments will bring excitement and no doubt new flair with Cuban history to the new location of Habana at the Irvine Spectrum.