Adam of Fresh Brothers


As a Co-Founder of Fresh Brothers, a SoCal pizzeria business with 18 locations and over 600 employees, it is intriguing to learn Adam Goldberg started out in the entertainment business. Before he found his way into hospitality, he had a successful career working as a director of photography for ABC News, Discovery Channel and MTV. After six years he decided to leave the TV business and focus on his dream -- opening his own pizza establishment. His primary goal: serve delicious pizza, salad and sides to both the gluttonous and health conscious consumers, and ensure the ingredients are as fresh as possible, all the while giving back to the community.

While still in the entertainment field, Adam first met Debbie, his then boss and now wife. Debbie was a successful television producer traveling across the United States to procure exciting content for shows. The two initially met through a mutual friend and over time they began dating and working together. They consistently travelled together to produce content for Travel Channel, Discovery Channel and TLC. While on the road, Adam and Debbie would make an effort to visit Indiana, where Adam’s brother Scott owned Miller Pizza. The original recipes from Scott’s pizzeria were passed down to help curate Fresh Brothers’ original brand. Through research, diligence and passion, Fresh Brothers made its debut in the summer of 2008 in Manhattan Beach, CA. With health-conscious consumers in mind, Adam, Debbie, and Scott’s recipes brought an exciting turn to the world of pizza. Gluten free crusts, vegan cheese, all-baked wings, and more attracted both the meat-loving pizza eaters, and vegans and vegetarians.

Adam’s dream of owning a pizza shop has officially turned into a successful venture. Fresh Brothers has expanded over the last 8 years and continues to give back to their community. The company has given thousands in donations to support multiple local SoCal schools and non-profits. In 2016 alone, Fresh Brothers raised almost $30,000 for schools in Irvine, Newport Beach, Costa Mesa and Laguna Niguel. Aside from the delicious ingredients, hospitality and healthy choices, Fresh Brothers has proven that the most important aspect of their business is giving back to their community.