Chef Abel Vargas


Chef Abel believes food is the answer to all; whether you’re happy, sad or somewhere in between, he believes food has the power to change a mood. Abel Vargas has a new residency as a chef, and is bringing an updated perspective to Mesa’s menu with fresh flavors of summer.

Since the age of 15 Chef Abel knew he had a future in food; his family gatherings would revolve around sharing meals, and he knew it would translate into a career. He attended culinary school and assisted with building kitchens from the ground up to immerse himself in the environment. Prior to taking his role at Mesa in March of 2018, he held the position of Executive Sous at Restaurant Habana in Irvine, and was involved during the opening phases of the new location. Prior to that he worked in kitchens throughout Los Angeles, San Diego, Miami and even Germany for a bit. He has put in an abundance of time and effort making food he’d be proud to serve and eat. Chef Abel Vargas draws inspiration from his daily personal emotions; “Every dish on the menu was created on a different day, and was based on what I was feeling at that moment.”  Most of all, he is motivated by the fact that he feels his life purpose is to be a chef.

Chef Abel has many people to thank for all his endeavors but wants to especially thank all the past and present chefs, cooks and dishwashers he’s been able to work with. He is grateful to have learned so much through his fellow colleagues and really believes he wouldn’t be where he’s at without them.

With his new abode at Mesa, Chef Abel is excited to bring new dishes to the restaurant; smaller plates and seasonal flavors will grace the menu. The updated tapas-style menu allows guests to have an opportunity to try more dishes, without having to settle on a large entree. Look for globally inspired flavors based on Chef Abel’s mood at Mesa.